I'm Lauren -

Long island NY wedding photographer

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Who I am.

At 23 I am a mother, photographer, United States Marine, and I’m here to help tell your story- but first be your friend.
Besides chasing my dreams and my two year old around, I love peaceful mornings and chaotic days. I’m all about balance.. I’m naturally an introvert but once I’m comfortable I could listen and talk to you about anything & everything. Tell me about the experiences that made you who you are. I love to take a step back, observe, pay attention to all the little details, but also can thrive under a little bit of chaos. 

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Freezing time on all the moments close to your heart

let's do this

I promise you - every connection built on love translates beautifully on film. Let me guide you through this. I would love to tell your story.

You’ll receive a styling guide, outfit advice, detailed questionnaire, location scouting, and a telling of a story through photos. From easy going prompts, to capturing details, to running around, to laughing, to soulful poses, you and your love will experience some magic! I show up to each session, ready to “feel the feels” and read the energy in between you. Then I intentionally direct the shoot around whatever prompts are going to embrace and best showcase your authenticity.

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